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Personal Best Performance Physical Therapy in Westmont

Physical Therapy

Orthopedic physical therapy, evaluation and treatment, sport specific analysis, and performance enhancement for athletes. Physical therapy treatment services include: evaluation, myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization, muscle energy, therapeutic exercise, taping, muscle re-education (biofeedback), electrical stimulation, and home exercise programs. Learn More

Sports Specific Analysis & Personal Training

Sports specific analysis and personal trainging is a program designed to assess and address physical limitations that might prevent an athlete from further performance improvement. Each evaluation is specific to the individual athlete and the demands of their sport(s). Learn More

Patient Testimonials
  • Grant K.
    8 months ago
    “Personal Best Performance does a great job treating and caring for the individual. The staff members, especially Frank Puc, are engaging and eager to help in all areas of fitness.”
  • Sandy S.
    8 months ago
    “Lori did an excellent job! She was fun to work with also. The staff is very friendly too. I will be coming back in the near future.”